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For example, in the phrase "natural talent" it a literally means what you ask and b is the universal phrase for what you ask, in that case. Etymologically, "natural" is exactly the right word, but if you were to say "sexual deviances are not natural" it would probably not be understood as intended by anybody.

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Can the word "congenital" really be used to describe something psychological, such as "sexual deviances", as per the original question? I limit myself to suggesting the most appropriate word, in my opinion. Jake: "Congenital liar" is a pretty common phrase. I was the th upvoter :! Consider innate existing in one from birth; inborn; native Example: We do not know whether musical ability is innate or acquired. Edit: I just realized that this word appears in Josh61 "Inborn" definition.

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Graffito Graffito On reading the question title, my first reaction was "congenital", but on reading the context in the question itself, "innate" is a better choice, IMO. A child may be born with a congenital heart defect, but humans have an innate ability to recognize faces. That is, face recognition is part of being human - everyone has it - but "congenital" is an individual condition.

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Ann - SonarSource Team Apr 29 '16 at Inborn : existing from birth; congenital; innate Existing naturally or by heredity rather than being learned through experience: "Flight is an inborn skill; young birds don't have to learn how" Marie Read. The Free Dictionary. Congenital is my first choice, but if you want something more on the meta-physical level, consider inherent : belonging to the basic nature of someone or something Merriam-Webster.

Michael J. Congenital is usually used for physical attributes.

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Also, sexual deviance is not a condition. For example: From Freud's perspective, sexual deviances are not inherent i. GMasucci GMasucci 1 1 silver badge 7 7 bronze badges. Maybe you should go for : innate: An innate quality or ability is one that you were born with, not one you have learned: or inherent :existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute. Don't know why these have been downvoted, they are good words.

IainHolder Maybe the downvotes were cast because innate has already been suggested by Graffito , inherent by Michael J and there's no explanation or reference for intrinsic , which is the worst suggestion of the lot. I concur. This answer is of Very Low Quality, and does risk deletion unless it's enhanced with published definitions which justify these suggestions.

Genetic That's what most American English speakers would say in that case. Jasmine Jasmine 7 7 bronze badges. I don't think that's a usage issue, but rather a scientific literacy issue. I think when people say this they genuinely mean genetic and are simply misunderstanding the science, as opposed to meaning something other than the scientific definition.

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Of course, the first example you gave is a common joke, and the use of genetic there is tongue-in-cheek. Sure, I agree with that.

I'm positively amazed that this isn't getting massive upvotes, because anyone who speaks American will have heard this, almost every time, when we need to say a sentence like the example. This is absolutely the most common way an American speaker would say it.

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Maybe in UK it's different, I don't know. Genetic though isn't what I'm looking for in this context. Genetic would imply the 'sexual deviance' is a precondition , determined prior to birth. I am simply looking for a word that describes something as if it was assigned at birth. Americans use the word both ways. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that. Elian Elian 39k 21 21 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Neither of these words fit the OP's context.

A birth defect, for example, may not be hereditary, but it's still present from birth. Aaron Johnson Aaron Johnson 1. Can you add a reference to back your claim? We wanted to give Noah the chance of life. Now six years old, their son Noah has 80 percent of his brain, reports Good Morning Britain. Noah was taken to Australia for brain development treatment.

He underwent a treatment known as "neurophysics", which is a mix of physiotherapy and cognitive exercises. Incredibly, he learnt how to sit up unaided and even go surfing. He now has goals to learn to walk, ski and continue surfing.