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Footsoldiers of Empire: The Highland Regiments stationed across the Highlands with the intention of preventing cattle raiding, inter-clan warfare and carry out.

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Girls and Sex: Navigating the Complicated New Landscape DB 10 hours 18 minutes by Peggy Orenstein read by Catherine Byers Journalist analyzes the sexual landscape faced by young women in twenty-first-century high schools and colleges through a collection of frank interviews about their sexual encounters, revealing hidden truths, hard lessons, and pressures. Examines research into the use of mechanical interfaces, profiles scientists and neurosurgeons, and studies the patients who volunteer to be subjects of experimental techniques and procedures.

Salk — , who also worked on flu and AIDS vaccines and multiple sclerosis treatment, was looked down upon by many in the scientific community because of his celebrity. Discusses his personal life—his taskmaster mother, family, and lovers. The author explains how to cope with procedures, plan for surgery, communicate with doctors and nurses, and deal with insurance companies.

A packing list and helpful resources are also included. She proposes solutions, including advocating for better regulation and creating anti-soda campaigns. The Nurses: A Year of Secrets, Drama, and Miracles with the Heroes of the Hospital DB 15 hours 39 minutes by Alexandra Robbins read by Kerry Dukin Author of Pledged DB documents the lives of four nurses from different hospitals: experienced, well-liked Molly, who quit over the treatment of nurses; Sam, who learned the ropes; Juliette, who advocated for her patients; and Lara, who was addicted to prescription medication.

Discusses the early lives of Cobain, bass guitarist Chris Novoselic, and drummer Dave Grohl; personnel changes; major shows; discography; and challenges such as drug abuse.

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Cohen toured with them while working for Rolling Stone magazine, got to know the members, and hits all the high and low points of their history. From classic s rivalries like the Rolling Stones versus the Beatles, to new face-offs like Kanye West versus Taylor Swift, Hyden looks at what your choices say about you.

Singer-songwriter Jewel shares sometimes painful personal stories about her abusive upbringing in Alaska, the breakthrough that came even as she was homeless, and her fraught relationship with her mother. Includes poems and insights into her songwriting.

Corton read by George Holmes Chronicle of the meteorological phenomenon of London fog, which did not reach legendary proportions until the s. Tales of Remarkable Birds DB 5 hours 12 minutes by Dominic Couzens read by Mark Delgado Thirty-nine profiles of extant birds, and one essay on recent extinctions, grouped by continental associations. Highlights extraordinary aspects of each species, such as mating displays, architectural prowess, plumage and other morphologically distinct features, songs, habitat occupation, parasitic behaviors, and breeding and young-rearing practices. James Cleaves read by Jeremy Gage Journalist Mesler and biologist Cleaves survey the history of Western science and the investigations into the creation and development of life.

The authors discuss the need for introducing organic material and maintaining a healthful balance with microbes, among other subjects. Montgomery and Daniel Chirot read by Mark Delgado An examination of the importance of enduring ideas. The Poetry of Yehuda Amichai DB 11 hours 48 minutes by Yehuda Amichai read by Barry Bernson A collection of more than one hundred poems by Amichai — , who rose to prominence in Israel in the s by using vernacular Hebrew.

The poems are often biographical in nature, reflecting both personal and public experiences of living in Israel. Translated from the original Hebrew. Stresses the importance of mastering small, simple things before moving on to more difficult challenges. He looks at the turning points in his life and shares how he overcame challenges. Author recommends the same seven steps, whether the breakup be with a family member, friend, job, or even yourself.

Also discusses how to recover from a breakup.


Using court documents, traces the case of Reverend John J. Geoghan and other priests and the actions of Cardinal Bernard F. Law and his predecessor, Cardinal Humberto S.

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Expands on perceived evidence for the phenomenon called the Shemitah, which is purported to be behind such events as financial market crashes, tragic world events, and the rise and fall of nations. Presents personal experiences with spiritual expression and familial strife, and relates stories of victims of and participants in violence such as war and drugs. Addresses her journey through the lens of the seven sacraments: baptism, confession, holy orders, communion, confirmation, anointing of the sick, and marriage. With teachings from a variety of religions, this is a guide to improving all aspects of life, including relationships, work, money, and health.

Calls for a greater understanding and acceptance of flaws in order to carry out the works God calls us to take on in His name. Discusses being raised by a Catholic mother and a Jewish father, his understanding and appreciation of his Jewish culture without a sense of belief, his marriage to a devout Protestant, and his subsequent exploration of Abrahamic religions.

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  6. Relates challenges in his life that tested his faith. Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue DB 3 hours 12 minutes by Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz read by Bill Burton Harris, author of The End of Faith DB , and Nawaz, chair of a think tank focusing on religious freedom, extremism, and citizenship, examine the role of the Islamic religion in extremist violence in the twenty-first century. The material is presented as a back-and-forth dialog between the two authors.

    Expands on questions presented on her blog, The Accidental Theologist. Examines societal and cultural expectations of religious belief, faith in God, and leading proponents of atheism. Ingersoll read by Anne Hancock Religious studies professor examines the Christian Reconstruction movement, which believes in the supremacy of the Bible in all spheres of life.

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    Discusses theology, influential texts and figures, the homeschooling movement, family dynamics, and the role of this religious faction in the twenty-first century. In he opened a letter bomb that nearly killed him, taking his hands and one of his eyes in the blast. He describes how he came to accept his disability and the new vocation he gained. Discusses racial tension, progressive politics, and social-justice issues, interpolating her own experiences.

    Lewis read by David Rutherford Author of The Complete Chronicles of Narnia DB meditates on the meaning and religious significance of suffering, attempting to reconcile it with the belief in a just and loving God. My Name Is Mahtob DB 10 hours 25 minutes by Mahtob Mahmoody read by Gabriella Cavallero The subject of Not without My Daughter DB shares memories of the time spent with her father while her mother was searching for her, and of returning to America after her mother reclaimed her.

    Discusses how her Christian faith helped in dealing with the psychological effects of the experience. Explores the impact of his son on the institution in the early twenty-first century. Discusses dealing with polio as a child, raising her own children—including son Joel, author of Your Best Life Now DB —fighting cancer, the founding and running of Lakewood Church by her husband, and his eventual death. Discusses her exploration of Judaism and eventual conversion. Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome: A Memoir of Humor and Healing DB 10 hours 28 minutes by Reba Riley read by Nancy Lynne Walters Woman reflects on her twenty-ninth year when, asking God for guidance in dealing with an untreatable chronic illness, she receives a message to visit and explore thirty faiths before her thirtieth birthday.

    Discusses her spiritual journey and the effect on her day-to-day life. Posits that rationalizing is based on misreading of texts, and presents reasons why people of faith should denounce extremists.

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    Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living DB 9 hours 56 minutes by Krista Tippett read by Krista Tippett Host of radio program and podcast, first titled Speaking of Faith and later On Being , discusses the insights she has gained from her guests, including scientists, theologians, poets, and activists, among others. Considers the lessons learned, including that of the meaning of being present in the moment.

    The Magic of Math: Solving for X and Figuring Out Why DB 13 hours 28 minutes by Arthur Benjamin read by Mark Ashby Mathematician uses his background as an amateur magician to present mathematical concepts, including algebra, the number 9, counting, Fibonacci numbers, proofs, geometry, pi, trigonometry, calculus, infinity, the imaginary number i from algebra, and the irrational number e from calculus.

    Examines the philosophy of science, statistics, morality, theism, and more.

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    Discusses his literary achievements, reactions to the criticism and fame that came because of his books, and the personalities he has met, including Douglas Adams, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Leakey, and Miriam Rothschild, among others. From Bible stories of the Flood to Norse mythology to modern superhero comic books, Kaplan takes popular magical beliefs and shows how they might be grounded in scientific facts.

    What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions DB 10 hours 4 minutes by Randall Munroe read by Mark Ashby Former NASA roboticist and creator of popular web comic xkcd presents the scientific and mathematical research used in answering sixty-nine diverse and absurd questions. Topics include the results of creating a wall out of each element in the periodic table, self-fertilization, and the number of Legos needed for engineering projects.

    The Best Writing on Mathematics DB 11 hours 41 minutes edited by Mircea Pitici read by Jeremy Gage Twenty essays exploring the history, philosophy, teaching, and everyday occurrences of mathematics.

    Includes the use of math in a multimedia-based civilization, mathematical anxiety experienced by students and ways to counteract it, and the comparison of exchange prices in open-market transactions with the common understanding of probability, among others. Attempts to deconstruct problems into easily understood steps, and discusses the history of mathematics.

    Includes chapters on arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and probability. Seven Brief Lessons on Physics DB 1 hour 47 minutes by Carlo Rovelli read by Carlo Rovelli Theoretical physicist expounds the scientific and philosophical implications of the discoveries in physics over the last one hundred years, as well as the questions that still face the field. Investigates the hygiene hypothesis regarding allergies and autoimmune diseases.

    Also discusses infertility and pregnancy diseases, bipedalism and orthopedic illnesses, cancer and the search for its cure, and more.

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    Light: A Radiant History from Creation to the Quantum Age DB 14 hours 3 minutes by Bruce Watson read by Andy Pyle Journalist chronicles historical and contemporary explorations into the nature of light, both scientific and artistic. Discusses creation myths, Greek philosophers, religious representations, scientific investigations and feuds, filmmaking, and the development of artistic movements such as Romanticism. Presents both sides of the issue, looks at the benefits and costs, provides facts and dispels myths, and lists additional resources.

    How We Live Now: Redefining Home and Family in the 21st Century DB 11 hours 41 minutes by Bella DePaulo read by Kristin Allison Social scientist explores the many diverse experiments of living in twenty-first century America that challenge old concepts of what it means to be a family and have a home. She also investigates the development of household items and attempts to dismantle domestic myths.

    Furey read by Kristin Allison Presents multiple perspectives and arguments regarding tattoos and body piercings. Discusses how some view body art as a way to have control of their bodies and personal identities. Also includes information on researching tattoo parlors, removal techniques, and more. Discusses these events within the context of the history of American xenophobia and the intersection with activist movements like Black Lives Matter.

    Examines whether society has lost that tribal, communal spirit in favor of individual benefits. Thinking about the Present as If It Were the Past DB 10 hours 9 minutes by Chuck Klosterman read by various narrators Linked essays explore the premise that we can never be certain of the present until it is the past—even things we think are obviously true.

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