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While seeming to mock his novels' oddball inhabitants with lighthearted satire, he is actually skewering the political inequities and social hypocrisies that disenfranchise individuals who are the least bit different from the accepted norm.

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Movie versions of his acclaimed novels "The World According to Garp," "The Hotel New Hampshire," and "The Cider House Rules" have all been beautifully translated to the screen with smart screenplays, brilliant direction, and stellar casts. They have all preserved Irving's distorted but ultimately respectful view of people trying to find themselves amidst chaos and confusion.

Unfortunately, his soul-searching and self-absorbed "A Prayer for Owen Meany" currently on stage at the Stoneham Theatre in Massachusetts does not benefit from any of those talents. Simon Bent's incoherent and preachy script, Weylin Symes' stilted and inconsistent direction, and the cast members' generally cartoonish approach to their portrayals all combine to make this a very heavy handed production. At the center of the story — set in a span of approximately 20 years before, during and after the Vietnam War — is Owen Meany, a disproportionately tiny boy whose vocal chords are so underdeveloped that he needs to shout in order to be heard.

His parents, teachers, ministers and schoolmates all believe he is, at best, an aberration and, at worst, a product of the devil. Owen believes he is an instrument of God. You see, he has recurring dreams and prophetic visions that indicate that he will one day lose his own life while saving a group of Vietnamese children. He believes that his unusual voice will be a major factor in shaping that destiny. Owen's best friend, John, struggles to decide what he believes.

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Behind the Curtain Cincinnati. Skip to content. In preview, Sat Sept. Like this: Like Loading Mundy is a founding member of Core Artist Ensemble.

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Finally, he can never sufficiently thank his dear family and friends for their love and support, but he tries. Kevin Orton Mr. Orton is delighted to return to Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park.

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Collins in Pride and Prejudice. His long list of audiobooks includes R.

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Lawrence Redmond Mr. Meany Lawrence Redmond Mr. Redmond makes his Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park debut returning to this wonder of a play, and he is happy to reunite with so many colleagues from long ago. Jacobson, he is a member of Actors Arena. Reed is honored and excited to return to Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park for another epic theatrical adventure!

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She last appeared on the Playhouse stage in the film noir-to-stage thriller Double Indemnity , for which she received an LCT nomination for Best Actress. To learn more, visit www. Tarhan is honored to be a member of the Bruce E. Coyle Acting Intern Company! He would like to thank his entire family, in the USA and in Turkey, for their continued love and support.

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Webb makes his Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park debut. Regionally he appeared in Buyer and Cellar St.

  • Wynonna Earp: The Yeti Wars (2011) (Wynonna Earp (1996-2011)).
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  • Webb is interviewed in the new book The Broadway Song. Whalen marks his first appearance at the Playhouse. Next up, Mr. Please visit www.