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    Create an account. I would like to receive emails with the latest releases, great offers and exclusive content Privacy Collection Statement. Juniper arrived at 23 weeks and 6 days gestation: the threshold between viability and futility, between what is possible and what is right. For me, after five years of infertility, she came at the trembling membrane between motherhood and despair.

    She weighed 1 pound 4 ounces. Petersburg, Fla. She asked me to tell you that she loves her life. She also wants you to know that she voted for Hermione for president. She was raw and red, her eyes were fused shut, and through her translucent skin we could see her flickering heart. If we stroked her, they said, her skin could slide off. She knew nothing but needle sticks and isolation and darkness.

    But she could hear. My husband Tom, who has followed you on tour for 40 years, put a tiny iPod inside the incubator to drown out the beeps and alarms. The first sounds our daughter heard were our voices mixed with yours. We had to build a world for her that was bigger than that plastic box.


    We read her the entire Harry Potter series, all seven volumes, for its messages of friendship and faith, and we sang to her about small things becoming big things, about not wasting time waiting, and about dogs howling in the night. We hoped that the joy and promise in your music would offer her some hint of a better world, waiting.

    Without that, why would she fight? As you know so well, sound is a form of touch. We could see by the numbers on her monitors that your music calmed her when she was in pain and soothed her when she was upset. The monitors even told us that she had particular tastes. Her devotion to Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out never wavered.

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    That was the summer that Clarence died, and when the news reached us in the hospital, we played her Jungleland , because it was all we knew to do. She had never seen the sun, after all. She was in the hospital for six and a half months — days. Juniper is now 5, healthy and ferocious and lighting up kindergarten. Six months later, they decide to feed two birds with one seed by visiting his birth family in a small North Carolina community when they go to try to make a representation deal with a colorful local artist who paints extravagant Civil War scenarios from the visions he claims he's gotten from God.

    Not having been invited to their son's wedding, George's parents are a little on edge when he shows up with his attractive, smart, and accomplished bride. Whereas George's mother Peg Celia Weston is stunned by Madeleine's lack of maternal qualities, her quiet and hen-pecked husband Eugene Scott Wilson is pleased to meet her. George's younger brother Johnny Ben McKenzie is an angry, sullen, and self-centered young man who is in a funk about his wife Ashley's Amy Adams pregnancy.

    Although Madeleine makes an effort to be especially cordial to him, he pretty much ignores her. For the lonely Ashley, this pretty outsider is manna from heaven. She immediately wants to know everything about her — from beauty tips to her background and her special interests.

    Author Robert D. Bennett

    Madeleine reveals that she is a diplomat's daughter and has lived in India, Africa, and Washington, D. George's family lives in quite a different world; their lives orbit around a community and a Christian church. In fact, Madeleine's first clue that she and her husband are from different planets comes when the minister at the congregation asks George to "give us a hymn" at a church dinner.

    His sweet and buoyant rendition of "Softly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling" touches the hearts of everyone in the room, bringing tears to the eyes of his mother and others. Madeleine is stunned that the man who has turned her on in bed so many times has a talent he never bothered to share with her.