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Footsoldiers of Empire: The Highland Regiments stationed across the Highlands with the intention of preventing cattle raiding, inter-clan warfare and carry out.

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Know Yourself team in achieving their vision. As a leader, connector and engaging speaker, Isaiah advocates for Indigenous children currently in out of home care to believe in themselves, dream big, seize opportunities and most importantly embrace their community, culture and identity. His story of resilience has a message for all children and for all people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. He is putting his vision into action with his ID Know Yourself support program.

A message from the CEO/Founder of ID. Know Yourself

There are currently more than 7, Aboriginal children and young people removed from home in NSW alone. Nationwide, our kids are 10 times more likely than others to be taken from their families. This is why we need programs like ID Know Yourself, which build strength and resilience in our young people by connecting them back to their culture, community and country. I have seen the impact that connection can have for young people, as a protective factor, bringing courage and resilience.

The mentoring program provided by ID Know Yourself very practically helps children and young people to reconnect with their identity. This message is only visible to admins. Problem displaying Facebook posts. Click to show error. Contact info idknowyourself. Visit Monday - Friday 9. Tell Us. Contact info antibot-code idknowyourself. Know Yourself. About Us. Know Yourself is a new indigenous-led organisation that has been set up to focus on Aboriginal young people in the Out of Home Care system. The ID. Know Yourself program delivers a culturally-focused, trauma-informed mentoring program for Aboriginal young people within the Out of Home Care system.

Their initial focus will be year olds who are soon to leave care. Support ID Know Yourself. First Last. Cardholder Name. Method 1. Learn to be honest with yourself. Knowing yourself means recognizing different parts of your identity, personality, and being. The goal is not to criticize yourself but to acknowledge all sides of your personality.

How to Get to Know Yourself in 5 Fool-Proof Steps

Open up to the possibility of learning new things about yourself. When you evaluate yourself, pay attention to the things that make you feel uncomfortable.

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These emotional signals can tell you if you are trying to avoid a subject. Are you insecure about that characteristic? If so, what can you do to overcome it? For example, if you don't like to look in the mirror, ask yourself why?

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  6. Are you insecure about your looks? Are you worried about your age? You might consider if this is a fear that you can conquer. Ask yourself thoughtful questions. This knowledge can help you realize what makes you happy or stressed. You can use this information to help you spend more time on activities and goals that are productive for you.

    Some questions you can ask include: [1] What do you love doing?

    What are your dreams in life? What do you want your legacy to be? What is your biggest criticism of yourself? What are some mistakes you've made? How do others perceive you? How would you like them to perceive you? Who is your role model? Pay attention to your inner voice. Your inner voice expresses what you feel and believe.

    When something frustrates or delights you, it responds. Try to tune into that inner voice. What is it saying? How does it perceive the world around you? Either out loud or in your head, start describing yourself. Are the descriptions positive or negative?

    Are they focused on your looks or your actions? Do you talk about your successes or your failures? When you start thinking negatively, stop yourself and ask yourself why you are reacting that way. Shaming or criticizing yourself can be a sign that you are defending against unwanted thoughts. These positive and negative thoughts define how you see yourself. If this personal image does not align with who you want to be, you might take steps to improve yourself as a person or to learn new traits. Write in a journal every day. Journaling helps you recognize your motivations, emotions, and beliefs so that you can make thoughtful adjustments in your life.

    For a few minutes every day, write down what you did, felt, and thought throughout the day. If you had a negative experience, write down why it affected you. If you made a mistake, identify what you could do better. Over time, you may find yourself repeating certain needs and wants. You can write whatever is on your mind. Freewriting can help you unlock subconscious thoughts so that you can identify what is bothering you. Alternatively, you can use prompts to guide your writing. Choose prompts that ask you to describe certain parts of your personality or habits.

    Establish Your Bearings

    Incorporate mindfulness into your day. Mindfulness is the act of experiencing the present moment to help you understand your own thoughts and actions.

    Mindfulness often involves daily meditation , but it includes other practices as well. Most importantly, it's a state of attention to yourself and the world you are experiencing [4] Take a moment and check in with your five senses. What you are touching, tasting, hearing, seeing, and smelling? Avoid eating meals at your computer or TV. Take a break just for eating. Savor the taste, texture, temperature, and sensation of each bite of food.

    3 Ways to Get to Know Yourself - wikiHow

    Take a few minutes every day to just pause and observe the world around you. Try to notice as many sensations around you as you can. What do you hear, feel, taste, and smell?

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    When you have an emotional reaction, question yourself. Why do you feel that way? What caused it? Identify your body image. Try to write down a list of adjectives about the way you look. Once you are done, review this list. Are these negative or positive attributes? If you find you have a negative body image, try to come up with ways to love your body. Confidence in your body can transfer to confidence in other parts of your life. For example, if you have a mole that you're insecure about, try calling it a beauty mark.

    Remember that many famous actresses had beauty marks. Consider things that you can reasonably change if they make you truly unhappy. If you're insecure about acne, you might go to a dermatologist or learn to use makeup. Method 2.