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The Daily Beast reported that the Ukrainians turned to Hill, an internationally respected figure, for clarification about whether that was indeed an official U.

Hill also has implicated the White House acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, in the scheme. The conservative pundit was met by hundreds of Cal Berkeley protesters carrying signs condemning her as a fascist.

The Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ is scientifically proven to improve your health

Rules came down after fertilizer explosion killed 15 in town of West, but agency will remove mandates for expanded access to details about chemical storage, citing terror threat. There's nothing better than getting a new pair of sheets, except maybe when they're on sale. A new investigation shows how review boards have failed victims, favored saving church money, and undermined secular investigations. An unserialized, untraceable gun may have been used in the school shooting that killed a year-old boy and year-old girl.

Edward Gallagher files grievance claiming payback from brass, as president tweets threat to not take away his Trident pin. Got a tip? News Innovation Scouted Travel. Spencer Ackerman, Sam Brodey. Betsy Swan. Tom Sykes. Matt Wilstein. Kevin Fallon. Sam Gelfand. John Brandon.

Volume Issue , 21 November

If it needs service, you can depend on Apple-certified technicians to repair it with the same precision and care that it was built with. Simply mail in your device or bring it to one of over Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Service Providers around the world. That means many of our older models can be updated with the latest features, functionality, and security. Watch the film. The more devices you trade in, the more materials we can incorporate into new ones. And cobalt recovered from your iPhone battery is used to make brand-new batteries.

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The idea of locking out historical change in order to preserve a particular version of male hegemony is an important theme in Alix E. Minor Mage , T.

Despite the missing mother and the adolescent mage in potentially fatal situations, Minor Mage is a book for kids — and for adults who enjoy the rich, whimsy-adjacent stories by Ursula Vernon, the writer behind the T. Kingfisher pen name.

Oliver is a nearly teenage mage who is the only source of magic his village has. The Saturday Night Ghost Club is only the slightest wisp of a ghost story.

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And this newest one has no American edition either. Now, thanks to the The arc Holy shit. This is the time-travelling queer epistolary romance The Old Lie , Claire G. San Diego bookshop Mysterious Galaxy is in danger of closing after 27 years. The staff recently received word that they are losing the lease for their shop on Balboa Avenue, and have 60 days to move.

It is with heavy hearts that we share that unless a new buyer and new location are found immediately, Mysterious Galaxy will be forced to close its doors. For nearly 27 years, Mysterious Galaxy While you are here, please take a Collectively, they constitute a kind of sub-subgenre somewhere in the Talese and Mythos by Stephen Fry Chronicle.

Welcome to the seedy side of Puerto Rico, where at an early age teens are roped into gangs and drug dealing, the economy is under perpetual attack by greedy US business interests, and a terrifying murderer is on the prowl. It looks like a couple of young men walking on the wrong side of the law Christine Harkin is now interim publisher, and can be reached by email for author-related requests. Kasturi and Savory said:.

It is important to us that we clear all outstanding arrears as soon