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Footsoldiers of Empire: The Highland Regiments stationed across the Highlands with the intention of preventing cattle raiding, inter-clan warfare and carry out.

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F Child's Fairisle Pullover. F V Stitch Cowl. F Ladies Poncho. F Big Garter Cowl. F Inside-Out Blanket. Finished Size: 1 size fits most, length can be made longer but would require additional yarn.

F Asymmetric Shawl. F Hat and Cowl. F Blended Cowl. F Textured Wrap. F Baby Cardigan. F Tubular Cowl. F Diagonal Baby Blanket. F Girl's Poncho. F Man's Scarf. M Midnight Constellations. M Sukiya Cardigan. M Copper Island Wrap. M Montlake Vest. M South Pacific Shawl. M Hood Canal Cardigan. M Trickle Creek Pullover. It is similar to a shawl, having loose armholes to keep the shoulder wrap in place. F Tam and Mitt Set. To Fit Size: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 years Approx.

F Two Color Wrap. F Tote.

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F Sideways Knit Hat. F Sideways Hat. F Hood. F Diagonal Eyelet Scarf. F Brioche Lap Afghan. F Ponytail Hat. F Layette Set. F Buttoned Cowl. F Ridged Shawl. F Two Color Fairisle Hat. F Shawl. F Double Seed Stitch Cowl. F Fairisle Hat. F Toe Up Socks. F Baby Hat and Socks. F Butterfly Stitch Cowl. F Simple Lace Cowl. F Fingerless Mitts. F Two Tone Hat. To Fit Size: months months, yrs, 4 yrs, 6 yrs. F Lace Scarf.

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F Split Cowl. F Asymmetrical Shawl. F Christmas Stocking Trio. Make the size that is closest to this measurement. F Mouse Hat. F Stadium Throw. F Baseball Scarves. F Stole. F Fairisle Cowl. F Modular Shawl. F One Ball Cowl. F Striped Square Scarf. F Textured Cowl. F One Ball Triangle Scarf. F Rib Columns Cowl. F Ribbed Poncho.

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F Diamond Stitch Cowl. F Cross Stitch Stole. F Puffed Baby Blanket. F Dotted Cowl. F Cabled Scarf.

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F Lace Stole. F Reversible Shawl. F Texture Stitch Hat. F Three Color Cowl.

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F Seed Stitch Hat. F Cable Edged Shawl. F Cowls. F Felted Bag. F Mock Cable Socks.

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F Baby Hat Trio. F Woobie Security Blanket. F Cabled Pocket Scarf.

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F 3 Color Short Row Cowl. F Brioche Cowl. F Baby Bonnet. F Honeycomb Scarf. F Baby Chula. F Cabled Cowls. F Mock Rib Cowl. F Brioche Cable Cowl.