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When did it begin? I have little memory of it. I was arrested by Gadras when I recovered my consciousness, and came to be this state. Even if I try to remember it, no matter how many times, only fragmented and vague memories appear. Cardinal Greyl frowned in a regretful way; Schnee felt he was a size smaller than the time when he was part of the Armed Struggle Faction.

It was likely he felt responsible for the events that occurred. I came here to remove Charm and Confusion from you completely. Please be at ease. The two people who were transposed are safe. Having driven people indispensable to the country, the royal family and a Chosen One, to death, you could say I was very worried. Now, since your worries have disappeared, shall I remove the abnormal states?

Please do so. When mind interference group magic skills became a taboo, the knowledge of the recovery method was also lost. Schnee was going to use an abnormality state recovery magic skill on the weakened Cardinal Greyl. However, before she could activated the skill, a shadow came flying towards Schnee. Before her, there was a monster which had a strange appearance. The lower half of its body had two different legs: one leg resembled that of a cow and the other was human. An exoskeleton similar to insects covered the being from its chest to its buttocks.

The left arm had a pair of crab pincers and a mantis sickle. The right arm on the other hand, had five tentacles, all of which had thorns protruding the tips. Its head was probably an anglerfish. With a fish face that extended horizontally, the demon seemed to had compound eyes. It was like a chimera created with evil intention.

That figure, which could only be called revolting, were characteristic traits of the Count class. The rank was what she expected. It was commonly known to be strong, similar to other unique monsters. In an indirect way, its high intelligence seemed to come from it being unique monster.


Blue eye s. You are Schneee … Raizaa …huh? Did it have a problem with its vocal chords? It seemed to have a distorted out of pitch voice that echoed in the basement. You fellows are always a nuisance. The voice of Magunumuku was erased by a Ting sound that reverberated underground, and blue sparks lit up the dark prison cell momentarily. As it weaved through the darkness, the thorn that lengthened from the tip of the tentacles were launched at Schnee, but she knocked it down in time.

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Pincers and a sickle attacked Schnee who moved to protect Cardinal Greyl. Anno ying!

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Why are you protect ing a human!? Besides, I cannot let you guys do whatever you please. The place of the H igh Hu man , huh? Mugunumuku, who heard the name Tsuki no Hokora, withdrew back one step and straightened its posture. Its cut off tentacles regenerated from the part of its base. H umans t hat rema ined, degraded as t hey progressed. Though Count class demons were not smart to that extent, when it came to those owning a name, it seemed able to understand the society of the human race.

S chneee Rai zaa. Be ou r comrade. Such a thing was not worthy to be considered. It appeared to not understand the reason Schnee refused. You w er e l eft by you r master , why did you refuse us? In the middle of a trifling conversation, Schnee had to estimate the timing of attack, and her pretty eyebrows twitched to the words originating from Magunumuku.

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The air had frozen. Everyone in that room felt the illusion that the temperature inside the prison cell fell below freezing. At this time, only Tiera felt the furs of Yuzuha and Kagerou suddenly bristling up. Th ese fellow s have gon e lon g ago. The y will no lo ng er retur n. As for Magunumuku, did it not feel the severe cold given off by Schnee?

Just rely on t ha t pow er. Magunumuku kept stacking up words in a crooked voice to Schnee, who was silent. That was the skillset of Charm and Confusion that had manipulated Cardinal Greyl. The double mind contamination extended its evil hand towards Schnee. I may have relied on feelings and fought. G aahhh!?

Easy Like Sunday Morning (Beautiful Lounge Session), Vol. 4

There, Schnee approached him in a relaxed manner. Her movement was not in the least fast. Magunumuku had its head severed. Therefore, it was able to recognize the ninja katana that gave off a bizarre air that Schnee held in her hand. Absurd , t hat impos si…. What in the world was that monster just now…? Cardinal Greyl confirmed that the demon had vanished, and turned toward Schnee.

Before his eyes, an expression of astonishment appeared on his face. The one that was manipulating you. Though you should be able to understand what you saw, there is not much known about it because it was a unique monster. This, may be an advanced warning that something different from the current would happen. I will repay this kindness by all means. Schnee winked at Tiera and the rest who were hiding, and began to walk. By the way, Kagerou was hidden inside her shadow the whole time. Because Schnee stopped hiding her appearance, people who passed her gave a surprised expression and lowered their heads, which looked impressive to Tiera.

Was the story transmitted to the top brass? It was boisterous inside the castle, probably because the information related to the series of events were not transmitted accurately. As for the guide being dispatched, it was because some of the capable leaders had no choice but to make a move. Please wait for a little bit. Schnee already grasped who was inside the room, and when the door opened, she calmly entered.

Cardinal Greyl was urged to go inside, too. Tiera and the rest secretly slipped into the room. I heard that Tsuki no Hokora had disappeared, and my mind became dismayed, you know? However, Tsuki no Hokora and I are safe.