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Please do yourselves a favor and pick up The Lace Reader soon. A Gaggle of Book Reviews A captivating debut. Barry excels at capturing the feel of small town life, and balances action with close looks at the characters' inner worlds. Her pacing and use of different perspectives show tremendous skill and will keep readers captivated all the way through. Publishers Weekly Starred Review - A book of outstanding quality.

The Lace Reader is a terrific paranormal police procedural.

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry

The story line is fast-paced and Brunonia Barry provides an enjoyable mystery in which relativity is not an exact science. The Lace Reader is a winner. The history of Salem and lace making entwined with the story of Towner Whitney and the strange group of characters kept me glued to this book to the end. Back to Homepage. Living in L. The book starts when she receives a call from her brother telling her that her something-year-old Great Aunt Eva is missing and she must return home.

Towner is recovering from a surgical procedure and had been thinking of the gift that her Great Aunt Eva had recently sent to her. It was a lace-making pillow, used for making Ipswich lace. The lace making and the reading of lace had been a tradition of the Whitney women, and Towner was no exception.

Although she wants no part of it anymore, she loves her aunt and feels she has to face her bad memories and go home. Salem and Yellow Dog Island are places filled with fearful bad memories. Towner returns after being away for over 15 years and is immediately entrenched in all the troubles of the past.

The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry | United for Libraries

It is interesting to follow the writing of author Barry as she writes through the eyes of Towner, who sometimes lives in her dreams of the past. The story is kept fresh with trying to determine if what Towner is thinking is real, or the memories from childhood twisted over time.

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Of course there is the love interest in Rafferty, the detective who is assigned to the case, as well as all the other quirky characters. Salem women who are Witches and selling their wares in the small shops on the square, and the women of Yellow Dog Island and their lace, making kept this book moving along nicely.

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We discussed it over e-mail yesterday. But then, once I got into it, I found it pretty engrossing. Even if there was nothing to the actual reading, it certainly conjures the proper mood: musty, feminine, a bit witchy, a bit creepy—Ms. I kept thinking, though, that Towner was much older than her thirty-something years.

The Lace Reader

Something about her was just so deeply un-hip. Young witches running around?

The Lace Reader

But then, there are also old dead witches running around. JENNA: Before the big reveal at the end, I assumed the separation of the kids was another example of how the bond between sisters, and female family members, or any females at all, is so strong that nothing can break it.

See a Problem?

Not death! Not curses! Certainly not men! Giving away the twin was about as selfless as she could be. Also as crazy. And we know that the Whitney family loves to be crazy. But I found the fatty story-within-a-story confusing—this is something Towner was writing while institutionalized?

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The older woman sacrifices her life for the younger?