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Polyamorous Relationships and Legal Mobilization. Abstract Many social movements mobilize for legal rights, though there is controversy about the motivation for doing so. Polyamorous Relationships and Legal Mobilization May 29, Register to save articles to your library Register.

What Is Polyamory?

Do you self-identify as "polyamorous"? From this question the respondent was categorized as "Not polyamorous", "Used to be polyamorous", "Not polyamorous, but interested", or "Polyamorous". The portions who gave each response are broken out in the pie-chart below.

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The number of people reporting being polyamorous was somewhat higher than expected. This is likely explained by some bias in the sample.

Prevalence of Polyamory

The sample is subjects who take on-line personality tests, they tend to skew a bit more young, liberal, atheist and non-heterosexual than the general population. Respondents were asked their gender with the options male, female and other. Only users who answered male or female are included in this analysis due to sample size issues.

Ethical, consensual, non monogamy

Respondents were asked to enter their age in years, this analysis focuses on four age ranges where there were enough respondents to run statistics. There were not any significant trends in polyamory by age, except that people who said they used to be polyamorous but are not any more increases with age.

Which makes sense. Participants were asked to select their race from eight options: Asian, Arab, Black, Indigenous Australian, Native American, White hispanic , White non-hispanic , and other.

Why Choose Polyamory - The Good Men Project

Due to samples size issues, only statistics for Asians, Blacks and Hispanic and non-Hispanic whites are reported in this analysis. There were not any major trends in polyamory by race. Participants were asked to select their sexual orientation from five options: heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, asexual, or other.

Due to sample size issues, statistics are only reported here for heterosexuals, bisexuals and homosexuals. Only religions with at least subjects are in the graph below. Polyamory was comparatively more common in the irreligious and Buddhist and lower in the Abrahamic religions.