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She finds herself caring for a very young prostitute and facing the deepest roots of evil.

Despite the adversaries who threaten those closest to her, Allison finds that she has not gone far enough until she conquers hate and learns to love as God does. Forty-something Allison Chamberlain has a divine nudge to buy a Harley motorcycle and go wherever it takes her. Soon she finds herself in the darkest corners of society, bringing home drug-addicted prostitutes and pointing out the narrow fears of her church group.

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Along the way, she learns the heartache of the very poor and how healing can come through the voice of God and those who follow it. Allison is already taking care of five former prostitutes, trying to adopt an orphan, and helping a woman who's been raped.

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Along the way, she experiences unexpected dismounts, as every Harley owner who risks the ride eventually does. As she picks herself up again and again, Allison realizes that some are guilty of terrible wrongs but everyone must be responsible for righting them. How can you help?

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Then click on the months below. Flights of Fancy: American Heiresses, Book 1. This wake-up call needs to be given to many who are asleep today.

Jonah The Reluctant Prophet

Will you hear the wake-up call before it is too late? Read the mission letter in this magazine for a suggestion what you could do. We are not half awake to the worth of the souls for whom Christ died.

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Remember, there are people that you can reach who cannot be reached by others. Notice what God said women can do. They can take their place in the work at this crisis, and the Lord will work through them.

At 70, Bob Dylan Remains the Reluctant Prophet

If they are imbued with a sense of their duty, and labor under the influence of the Spirit of God, they will have just the self-possession required for this time. The Saviour will reflect upon these self-sacrificing women the light of His countenance, and this will give them a power that will exceed that of men. They can do in families a work that men cannot do, a work that reaches the inner life.

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