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Italy's recent treatment of this minority and their rapidly worsening conditions have attracted international media attention and have been condemned by EU representatives, the United Nations, the Council of Europe and a multitude of international human rights groups.

This was clearly demonstrated in the summer of when the French government carried out mass repatriations of Roma from Romania and Bulgaria, echoing discourses and practices that had already become consolidated in Italy see Clough Marinaro Clough Marinaro, I. Bulletin of Italian Politics , 1 2 : — Milano : Agenzia X. Despite this international concern, there is still very little accurate and in-depth information available to international scholars about the situations of Italy's Roma and Sinti. During the conference it became clear that there is a great demand for an up-to-date publication on the Italian context in the English language.

This issue aims to fill that gap by bringing together the recent work of some of the most active scholars in the field. It is consequently interdisciplinary in its approach, combining social policy analysis, sociology and anthropology.

Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies

He argues that these are the direct consequence of policy-makers' culturalist assumptions about the Roma and that the current violent anti-Romani campaign in Italy draws on the same essentializing notions. The authors demonstrate that a new political paradigm has emerged which is redefining the Roma issue as a humanitarian problem and is simultaneously encouraging a new form of political representation from within Roma communities. They maintain, though, that these apparently positive developments in practice are resulting in the creation of a new generation of camps for Roma which erode their citizenship further.

This is followed by Marco Solimene's anthropological study of Roma communities living in unauthorized camps in Rome's Magliana neighborhood. He illustrates how the alarmist and xenophobic reactions to this influx in Italy, which resulted in an escalation of repressive policies, directly affected relationships between the Roma groups and their complex interactions with the city.

Various themes recur throughout these articles.

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Deep-rooted and pervasive stereotypes that associate Roma with crime and nomadism play a fundamental role in the fears that recent migratory waves have produced within Italian society and that have enabled politicians to advance increasingly xenophobic discourses and discriminatory practices with little opposition. Real or imagined itinerant lifestyles have historically generated policies of repression in Italy, starting in the s, and contemporary policies and practices can certainly be read as a continuation of these earlier antinomadic policies.

Eleven years on, these camps continue to be the pivot around which most debates revolve: they are the most visible expression of Roma's social exclusion and are consequently the primary focus both of popular anti-Gypsyism and institutional repression and control. While many camps are being demolished because of their dire living conditions, others are being built by the same authorities to continue warehousing an ethnic group for which few alternative policy approaches are devised.

Inferno: Canto 26

Institutional racism is therefore another of the key themes that emerge in all of these articles. It is advanced by the national government and permeates local policies and practices; it is not exclusive to one political side but is perpetuated by parties across the spectrum. It also transpires clearly in the education system, in the behavior of the police, in healthcare and in the many other institutions with which the Roma interact, but which are not treated in this collection owing to limitations of space. However, these have a minor impact in the context of endemic structural discrimination which we instead focus on in this issue.

Romani people began to settle in Italy in the fifteenth century. As Atkinson Atkinson, David. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere.

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Advanced search. Submit an article Journal homepage. Anti-Gypsyism and the politics of exclusion: Roma and Sinti in contemporary Italy. Pages Published online: 17 Nov Article Metrics Views.

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Il libro permette di creare un quadro completo attraverso il quale interpretare la vita e le cose che accadono. Nelle quartine di Falco sono nascosti indizi di questi tempi e di quelli che ci aspettano. One of the dreams of humankind is to know the future, so we can prepare for it and be able to face it. E se l'universo non pesasse nulla e quindi la materia non esistesse realmente? All'alba del nuovo millennio il satellite WMAP, oltre a fornirci una misura del cosmo mai ottenuta fino ad ora, ha creato non pochi grattacapi alla concezione di universo a cui ancora oggi ostinatamente crediamo.

Questo libro, attraverso il racconto di cent'anni di scoperte sconvolgenti della Fisica, ci conduce fino ad una nuova, strabiliante visione del cosmo. Curiosamente identica a quella di un mistico. Numerosi aneddoti suggeriscono leggi e principi legati alla fisica spirituale. Nella nostra epoca, Falco come alchimista rappresenta una voce originale. Vadusfadam is not just a strange monk.

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