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The Complete Works of John Wesley: Commentary, Sermons & Other Writings

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There are those in the church today who describe the Christian life much this way: a trying to do the right thing, even when we desire to do otherwise. But for Wesley this is not the fullness of the Christian life, but preliminary to it. Our inability to obey the law of God should make us yearn all the more for the real entry into the Christian life, which is justification forgiveness of our sins by God and the new birth.

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When God justifies us and brings us to new birth through grace, we have the faith of a child of God. This faith enables us to know, love, and trust in God, decisively reorienting our hearts. We begin to love as God loves, and desire what God desires. With our hearts beginning to be governed by new motivations and desires, so our lives begin to reflect that change.

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Holiness of heart leads to holiness of life, and that is manifested in works. The linkage between faith and works is as unbreakable as that between heart and life.

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Outler; Abingdon, ], There are two fundamental reasons for this. First, as James says , faith without works is dead. A dead faith is not faith at all, and a faith is only living if it produces works as the fruit of repentance provided there is both time and opportunity. The second reason is that works are not only manifestations of living faith and a changed heart, but also means of grace.

Works of John Wesley, Volume 3. The first section features writings from Wesley's ministry devoted to defending the doctrine of Christian perfection. The second collects Wesley's various treatises that focused on predestination and other issues often directly opposing Calvinist writers.

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